After Fox strong-armed Ridley Scott into directing the Alien prequel it left one person in the lurch. Commercial director and fledgling feature filmmaker Carl Erik Rinsch was passed over for the project, but went on to participate in a collaboration between electronic mogul Phillips and Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) called Parallel Lines. Five filmmakers -- Jake Scott, Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, and Hi-Sim -- were asked to create a series of short films in a genre of their choice using a unifying theme. You can catch up with some of Rinsch's past work on our sister site SciFi Squad, but it's his futuristic action-thriller short, The Gift, that has already sparked a bidding war. The early buzz has the title being compared favorably to Neill Blomkamp's District 9, another career-launcher that began life as a short.

Rinsch's film doesn't feature the same level of social commentary as Blomkamp's Alive in Joburg, but there's no denying the short exudes an undeniable sense of style. Plus, it has a robot butler – and I've spent years dreaming of the day when every house would come equipped with one of those. Kidding aside, viewing The Gift left me wondering how a Rinsch-directed Alien prequel might have turned out. Based on his work here, it seems as though the project would have been in capable hands.

As for the short itself, I don't want to give away too much – so I'll just say it's set in what appears to be a dystopian future and involves a package reminiscent of the Lament Configuration in the Hellraiser films. Jump past the break to see it for yourself. Can you see this turning into another sci-fi sensation like District 9?Share your thoughts in the comment section below.