I can't be the only one getting bored of your regular old DVD commentary. For years now we've been receiving our DVD commentary the same way: as an extra in the special features, where you watch the film and listen to the filmmakers (and sometimes actors) talk very softly about making the movie, describing each scene with ridiculous amounts of detail. Well what if our DVD commentary came to us as the actual movie? Like, what if all the actors gave us the commentary while they navigated their way through a treacherous plot full of dead cops and unlikely villains?

Sounds like the stupidest thing you've ever heard of, I'm sure, but you can't help but be a tad fascinated by the idea. So it's good, then, that the folks over at College Humor (who continue to impress me with their comedic talent -- seriously, why doesn't Saturday Night Live pick up some of these kids?) put together a sketch called Commentary: The Movie, which I believe is the first time the movie and the DVD commentary are one in the same. While you roll your eyes, I'll try to convince you that it's actually pretty funny, well written, well acted and well edited on their part, so if you're still curious head after the jump and check it out.