Were you disappointed by Lost Boys: The Tribe, the nearly 20-year late straight-to-video sequel to Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys? Were you wondering who all these new faces were and where the two Coreys had gone? Did it leave you wishing a sequel had actually been made a lot closer to the film's original release in '87?

Sorry, I know that's a lot of questions, but that's my way of dancing around pointing out that I haven't actually seen Lost Boys: The Tribe. And to be even more honest, I'm not all that nostalgic for The Lost Boys to begin with. I've got nothing against the movie, I think it's a nice bit of '80s vampire fun, but for whatever reason I've never held it in the high esteem a lot of other people have. That said, I'm still kind of curious to read the original script for The Lost Boys: The Beginning, the sequel/prequel that never was.

Arrow in the Head
has the exclusive on the script, which was written by Eric Red based on a story he and Schumacher dreamed up. I haven't read the whole thing, so I can't speak to how good it actually is, but I'm sure the idea of it will put a smile on the face of fans of fans of Lost Boys everywhere (that sounded dirty). Check it out right here.
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