The battleship sinker has been chosen. THR's Heat Vision reports that Taylor Kitsch has signed on to star in Battleship, the board-game adaptation (I use that word very loosely) Peter Berg will be directing. Just who is this Kitsch? He's headlining the upcoming John Carter of Mars, but that doesn't help much right now, so how about ... the card-flicking Gambit from X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Does that pique your interest? If not, it should. I suspect we will be seeing a lot of this kid in the future.

I just wish it was in different fare. When a game has virtually zero plot, other than pushing little pegs into holes to sink other people's plastic ships, an adaptation warrants the question: "Why does it need to be based on the game at all, if they're nothing alike?" Back in December, Erik discussed how Peter Berg met with movie writers to ease their fears of the project, but I'm not sure it made the situation better.

The film will focus on a group of American and Japanese ships (five each, of course) that get separated from their brethren, and then have to take on a fleet of alien ships. The twist: They don't want to wipe out the human race; they want to use Earth to help save their species. Unless these otherworldly beings wipe out the Earth-bound ships with small pegs on antiquated plastic panels, I'll take a pass, even with the budding star that is Kitsch.

For now, you can catch the actor in The Bang Bang Club, a drama that should hit screens sometime this year.
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