Heavy Metal and horror films seem a match made in hell, right? But 80's rock mainstay Dokken proved that it takes more than hot-gluing skulls to your guitars to allow your band to match the evil of Freddy Krueger. I came across this video gem recently and I could not stop laughing. You guys remember this? The basic formula of the music video for the 1987 Nightmare on Elm Street sequel is nothing groundbreaking; rather formulaic really. Take scenes from the film and systematically insert giant-haired band members into those scenes. Throw in a few clips of said band playing before a raging fire and you have the quintessential 80's hard rock spectacle. The difference? Dokken is able to beat back the sinister Krueger with the power of rock!

The video is terrible beyond measure and features a corny ending...even for a Nightmare on Elm Street sequel. The major problem is that we are treated to scenes of darkness and glimpses of that iconic finger-bladed madman while the song is totally a power ballad. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to run from Freddy or have a tearful breakup with him. I know there are slew of these videos because there existed in the 80's the perfect synergy of bad music and schlocky slashers unseen in any other era. If I can find anymore, or if our readers have any suggestions, I will post as many as I can just to darken your day. For now, jump past the bump for the awesome failure that is Dream Warrior.
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