How much faith does Disney have in Tron Legacy? Enough faith that they have screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz working on the sequel. Oh, and it may be a trilogy. Of course.

Kitsis and Horowitz are two of the six (!) credited writers on Tron Legacy, their first feature work following a solid career in television, including a number of great Lost episodes. Naturally, any story details are under lock and key, mainly because the first film is still eight months from release. Studios are greedy that way, I guess.

Between the huge advance marketing push, the substantial viral campaign and the fan reaction to the amazing trailer, Disney seems to think they may have a huge hit on their hands. Nearly thirty years ago, the first Tron died a quick death at the box office. Strange what a couple decades of nostalgia and home video releases will do for you.

My only concern is that Disney is going to pull a Pirates of the Caribbean and give us an incredibly fun first film and then rush out two massive but messy sequels so they can have a DVD trilogy boxset out by Christmas. Don't do that to us, Disney. If Tron Legacy lives up to the hype, you could actually have something very special on your hands. Don't blow it.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
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