Welcome to a new feature here at Cinematical, and by "new feature" I mean "something we'll futz around with a few times to see if readers like it, but we'll get bored with it real quick if they don't." (Yes, you're guinea pigs!) The basic gist is this: Here is our Cinematical Twitter feed ---> hello <--- and if you "follow" us on that wonderfully addicting social network, then you'll notice two things: 1. We have a "Twitterfeed" hooked up to make sure you catch all the latest headlines at Cinematical (oh, and don't forget Horror Squad & Sci-FI Squad.) 2. At random points you'll see some "poll"-type queries.

All you need to do is respond to those questions accurately and honestly, and you could very well see your Twitter handle up in massive glowing neon. (Note: you'll actually just get a mention here on Cinematical. We cannot afford neon.) The plan is to share the first ten* replies. So it'll go like this:

Name the three Woody Allen films you truly love. (Or lerv.)

Annie Hall, Manhattan, Stardust Memories (I may be alone with that last one!) -- @moviegrrl
Only 3? Jeez. Well...Manhattan, Annie Hall, Crimes and Misdemeanors -- @zherrm
"Love and Death." "Manhattan." "Hannah And Her Sisters." -- @drewathitfix
sleeper, bananas, everyone says i love you -- @docslacker
Annie Hall, Crimes & Misdemeanors, Match Point -- @coopcooper
"Zelig" "Annie Hall" "The Purple Rose Of Cairo" -- @potatofilm
Love and Death, Shadows and Fog, Annie Hall -- @dylanschenker
Only three? Hard, but here goes: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Everyone Says I Love You and Radio Days -- @tiagomota
Annie Hall, Bullets over Broadway and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. -- @cinemaneophyte
I love Zelig, Stardust Memories, Deconstructing Harry -- @olallofilm

We also sent a request out for films related to Stanley Kubrick and the classic spoof Airplane!...
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