The last time we wrote about Tarsem Singh's soon-to-be-filming follow-up to The Fall, Mickey Rourke was joining the cast and it was called War of the Gods. Now John Hurt and Isabel Lucas have joined the Greek mythology adventure and the title has been changed to Immortals. Hurt will portray an "earthly manifestation of Zeus" and Lucas will be Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

This title change comes in the wake of Clash of the Titans opening strong at the box office but getting torn apart by the critical community. Are they trying to distance themselves from that one? Comparisons are inevitable. Both are about mortal men taking on the gods, using the ancient myths as a springboard to tell a new story. I have mixed feelings on Clash of the Titans (a number of blindingly good moments wedged between long stretches of terrible), but I have more faith in Tarsem Singh to deliver something unique and wonderful than the very-creative-but-competent-at-best Louis Letterier.

I approve of Hurt as Zeus (although it's not quite as inspired as Titans' Liam Neeson) and I won't make any judgments on Lucas as Athena other than she'll be the prettiest Athena ever. Since Clash of the Titans really dropped the ball by not giving many of the gods any screen time at all, I'm hoping Immortals treats them like the fascinating ensemble they're capable of being. They're the most awesomely dysfunctional family of all time: murder, affairs, revenge, incest,'s the first, and best, soap opera! Take advantage of this, Tarsem.

(Via Variety)
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