There have been documentaries about Star Trek before, but maybe nothing quite like Trek Nation. Scott Colthorp's approach was to get beyond all the Klingon cos-play and convention oddballs, and tell a story about a father and a son, and the worldwide impact of that father's legacy. In Trek Nation, that father is Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and the son is Rod Roddenberry, who didn't begin to fully grasp the impact of his father's creation until after his death in 1991.

The younger Roddenberry, along with director Colthorp, do spend time talking to everyday fans, but they also get insight from many of Gene Roddenberry's professional peers, like Stan Lee and George Lucas. The trailer for Trek Nation reflects a movie that is a bittersweet, respectful exploration of the perfect ideals of an imperfect man, and I'm very interested in seeing the final film.

Trek Nation is currently seeking distribution. You can watch the trailer in full after the jump.
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