We all have things that speak to our own specific corners of personal fandom. For some, it might be the films of the French New Wave or a keen interest in philosophical Russian filmmakers. For me, it's any and all forms of Swamp Thing, a fact that Cinematical editor Scott Weinberg ribs me about to this very day. I have chosen to watch episodes of the live-action Swamp Thing television series, possibly the worst TV show ever made by human hands, over critically-acclaimed four-star movies. I totally deserve the ribbing.

Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing is the best batch of comics I have ever read, and I continue to go back and read them all, every couple of years. Wes Craven's 1982 film was a cable mainstay when I was a kid, and I've probably seen it more times than any sane person with good taste in movies ever should. I even saw the wretched Return of Swamp Thing ... in a theater. Twice. When I saw that Vincenzo Natali (director of the upcoming Splice) was considering directing an all-new feature film based on the DC Comics character, my brain exploded, I tore all of my clothes off, and ran around in circles singing this.

Natali is also eyeballing J.G. Ballard's High-Rise as his potential next feature, the sci-fi story of an apartment so large that it functions as its own society. I have to admit -- that sounds pretty interesting as well. Of course, I'm openly rooting for Natali to take on Swamp Thing. There's some logic to it as well, since producer Joel Silver picked up the indie Splice for Warner Brothers, and Silver and the studio are where Swamp Thing is set up. My hope is that whoever comes aboard will be able to streamline Swamp Thing's psychedelic weirdness into a film that is more of a slow-burn creep-out than a swampy superhero slugfest. The embarrassing truth is, though, that I'll take new Swamp Thing any way that I can.

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