You may be wondering why I'm posting a cover song sung by a cherubic Taiwanese kid on a reality TV singing show halfway around the world, and since it's a slow-ish news day here's my rationale: 23-year-old Lin Yu Chun is singing a version of Whitney Houston's epic rendition of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You," as heard on the timeless soundtrack to the major motion picture The Bodyguard! Give a listen to this video (after the jump), which has already earned over a million hits on the Interwebs, and TELL ME Lin isn't the second aural coming of Whitney in her prime.

The clip comes from Taiwanese reality show Super Star Avenue, which is totally a street I want to live on. Lin Yu Chun is already being called Asia's answer to Susan Boyle of "Britain's Got Talent." I can't wait to see kids in bowl haircuts and bowties next Halloween.
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