We all have things that speak to our own specific corners of personal fandom. For some, it might be the films of the French New Wave or a keen interest in philosophical Russian filmmakers. For me, it's any and all forms of Swamp Thing, a fact that Cinematical editor Scott Weinberg ribs me about to this very day. I have chosen to watch episodes of the live-action Swamp Thing television series, possibly the worst TV show ever made by human hands, over critically-acclaimed four-star movies. I totally deserve the ribbing.

Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing is the best batch of comics I have ever read, and I continue to go back and read them all, every couple of years. Wes Craven's 1982 film was a cable mainstay when I was a kid, and I've probably seen it more times than any sane person with good taste in movies ever should. I even saw the wretched Return of Swamp Thing ... in a theater. Twice. When I saw that Vincenzo Natali (director of the upcoming Splice) was considering directing an all-new feature film based on the DC Comics character, my brain exploded, I tore all of my clothes off, and ran around in circles singing this.

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