Normally I'm not too concerned whenever the Motion Picture Association of America bestows their rating upon a film, but Splice is a little different. The film has been playing to great reviews (Weinberg called it, "Loaded with genre moments both simply gory and admirably intense,") after its showings at Sitges last year and most recently Sundance, but after its acquisition at the latter festival by Warner Brothers, it didn't take long for the news to break that director Vincenzo Natali was back in the editing room tweaking the film for the new distributor. And whenever a story like that hits, it's certainly cause for concern that the non-festival crowd is going to get a watered down product in the end.

Well, now the anxious can alleviate their concerns a tiny little bit. Box Office Mojo (via Arrow in the Head) tells us that Splice, which releases on June 4th, has garnered an R for "disturbing elements including strong sexuality, nudity, sci-fi violence and language." Granted, that doesn't mean that the summer release is going to arrive as the exact same film that caught Warner Brothers' eye in the first place, but it's good to know that they haven't hedged their box office bets by reshaping the film for a PG-13 release.

Oh, and in case you missed it when it hit last week, check out the Splice trailer below.
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