I've consistently enjoyed the film collaborations of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. Anchormanis a classic, in my opinion. Talladega Nightsis one of those great satires that can be enjoyed by even those it satirizes. And as stupid as Step Brothersis, it's also hilarious to the point that I couldn't get through this sentence without cracking up (I was thinking of the present-tossing sleepwalk scene). So it saddens me to say that I'm not into their new buddy cop comedy, The Other Guys, based on its first trailer. The amusing motion poster with Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg jumping through the air previously sold me on the film, but now I don't know. I honestly didn't find one thing funny in the two and half minutes packaged together here.

Hopefully it's just because I'm sick today and therefore in a pretty cranky mood. Still, I don't know if I can find humor in a trailer that shows a jumper fall to his death. Whether or not it's Andy Buckley sounding like he's doing a screamed impression of his Office co-star Steve Carell. So far The Other Guys just reminds me a lot of the lame Starsky & Hutchmovie, which featured Ferrell in a small role. Also, the fact that it was co-written by Land of the Lost's Chris Henchy rather than Ferrell has me doubting its potential to fit in with the three collaborations I mention above. Not even the appearance of Michael Keaton as the police chief has me interested.

Most of you will certainly disagree with me. Check out the trailer for the movie, which also co-stars Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Eva Mendes, Rob Riggle, Ray Stevenson and Steve Coogan, after the jump.