Okay, folks. I think you can definitely, 100% forget about a Sex and the City sequel where the girls need to reign in their spendy ways. The second trailer for Sex and the City2 has hit over at THR's Risky Business, and none of those so-called spoilers are in sight. In fact, even after loosely following the different rumors and spoilers, I didn't guess what unravels in this trailer.

If you prefer to stay blissfully unaware, stop reading, although I also suggest you go on lockdown because I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of this trailer over the next month.

As we already know, it's two years later. Carrie's filled her ginormous closet and is living the life with Big, Samantha is taking more pills than an octogenarian, Miranda seems to have found the balance between mom and professional woman, and Charlotte -- shocker -- is crumbling under the pressure of being mother to two children. Then a little sparkle comes in, shaped in the form of a flirty Penelope Cruz, Stanford wears white to his wedding where Liza Minelli performs, and the girls jump at the chance for an all-expenses-paid trip to Abu Dhabi, where Carrie seems to relive the events of Season Three. I'll let the trailer fill in the blanks.

Hit the jump to see for yourself, then weigh in below with your thoughts. Do you like where installment #2 is headed?