Marcus Dunstan's directorial debut, The Collector, had been on home video release lists for April 6th for awhile now. However, when I went to do This Week's Discs the other night, I found that Amazon's pages for the film on DVD and Blu-ray were all messed up. They had a bunch of different info in the page title that most major releases don't have, and worst of all, Amazon wasn't offering the discs for sale, and no release date was listed as pending. It was basically just a placeholder page with Marketplace listings. I thought that was weird so I checked where they had the disc listed with an April 20th release date. So I figured the release date had just been shuffled and I left it off this week's column.

I was talking to a fellow movie geek, a great guy named Brian Kelley, who said he was watching The Collector last night. I thought it was weird so I talked to him and found out that he had bought it in a local Best Buy here in Austin. I did some research and found that online retailers like (as well as, apparently, BB brick and mortar locations) Barnes and Noble's and all list the discs as in stock. As of right now, Amazon's pages STILL have no pertinent info and is still listing an April 20th release date. Looks like Netflix has there discs as well, with the Blu-ray listed as a short wait and the DVD available now, so apparently the disc is out there if you want to go grab it.

It's a shame, really, that The Collector is kinda getting shafted on it's DVD and Blu-ray debut. This is a solid smaller horror flick that you horror fans would do well to track down. While Dunstan and his writing partner, Patrick Melton, are best known for penning Saw sequels, and certain similarities can certainly be drawn between that series and this film from the same minds, The Collector has enough cool and unique ideas to stand on it's own. If you like horror films, definitely give this one a shot.
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