If there's a movie I've been itching to see since the reviews started rolling in from Sundance this year, it's Lisa Cholodenko'sThe Kids Are All Right. Her 2002 feature, Laurel Canyon, one of my favorite indies, offered Frances McDormand the chance to be vibrant and sexy (something no one else seems interested in doing). Now she's digging into familial relationships with the story of two moms (Julianne Moore and Annette Bening), and what happens when their kids get to know their sperm donor. The film is set to hit screens this July, and a trailer has finally been released, which you can check out after the jump.

Josh Hutcherson (Cirque du Freak) and Alice in Wonderland's Mia Wasikowska play the kids, and Hutcherson convinces big sis to find out who gave their moms the donor sperm. The lucky man happens to be Mark Ruffalo, who is both freaked out and intrigued by the news that he has two kids with lesbian moms. Things get iffy, however, when he gets close to Joni (Wasikowska) and his presence starts revealing marital discontent in Moore's Jules. (As a side note, in one scene, you'll see a girl calling Ruffalo a "stone cold fox" -- that's Zosia Mamet, the straight girl crushing on Marshall and headed for heartbreak in United States of Tara.)

If the trailer isn't enough to sway you, or Kevin Kelly's review, maybe the gushing over at Salon will: "The Kids Are All Right ranks with the most compelling portraits of an American marriage, regardless of sexuality, in film history." It may have taken seven years to get completed, but it looks like it's worth it.