We had a dead tie last week on the Trailer Park poll, as Harry Potter fans appeared to challenge '80s action hero fans, causing Cherrybomb and The Expendables to finish with a draw at 24.7% of the votes, each. Meanwhile, it was good to see a documentary actually come in third (Exit Through the Gift Shop) and the terrible-looking My Own Love Song garner 0 votes.

This week's poll should be a little less interesting, yet no more predictable. There weren't really any monumental debuts, so it's anyone's guess what trailer you guys will choose as your favorite. Perhaps the buddy comedy or the zombie franchise sequel? As for my own top ten, I'm giving the #1 spot to a trailer that tells me nothing about what its film is about and the last spot to a trailer that appears to give everything away. Let's focus on my choice for winner, I Am Love, which is like has functioned on multiple levels for me. One, it really makes me intrigued about the gorgeous-looking film, an Italian production starring Tilda Swinton that wowed critics at Toronto and Sundance film fests -- and that's about all I know or need to know about it. Two, it worked as an ad for composer John Adams, whose music I've been listening to all week, since first seeing the trailer. And three, it's a trailer for itself, because I've re-watched the spot over and over again, almost as many times as I've seen that Pixels short.

You won't find the latecomer trailer for The Other Guyson my list, mostly because it didn't make me laugh once. But I'm letting you guys vote on it anyway, since I'm sure some of our readers will be turned on by it.

Check out that trailer and the rest of my trailer picks, as well as this week's poll for your favorite, after the jump.