Hot off an Oscar nomination, actress Vera Farmiga has decided to make the jump to director. Production Weekly's Twitter feed reports that she will direct and star in a new indie called Higher Ground, which will film in Upstate New York this June. This is nothing like a look at the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's actually an adaptation of Carolyn Briggs' memoir, This Dark World: A Memoir of Salvation Found and Lost, about one woman's retro forays as a born-again Christian.

In her book, Briggs outlines her early days as a bookworm striving to move to the right side of the tracks, and then how she spent the '70s as a self-identified "Jesus Freak." While in her late teens and living with her husband and new family in a Des Moines trailer park, she became enveloped in the Fountain of Joy church -- basically a born-again hippie contingent. Eventually that fountain offered something a whole lot different than joy, however, as she struggled with her church's anti-medicine stance, how they convinced her and her husband to live in poverty rather than leave the state for a good job, how fellow wives were expected her to nurse their young while babysitting. Ultimately, she found herself at odds with her faith and struggled to move on.

Ignoring the issue of age, since Hollywood usually doesn't care much about a true story's age requirements anyway, I'm quite anxious to see Farmiga's dual-gig chops. The story sounds like an excellent choice for her talents and it's definitely a treat to see another woman enter the directorial pool. I have this funny feeling she'll kick ass.
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