Up until now, the only footage we've really seen from The Asylum's forthcoming masterpiece, Mega Piranha, have been clips in preparation for the film's SyFy debut (this Saturday night!). That changed yesterday when the first official trailer for the film made its debut on MTV's website. Having had a chance to view it for myself, all I can say is "wow."

Former pop sensation Tiffany joins Barry Williams aka Greg Brady in this action film about giant piranha who escape from the Amazon and eat their way toward Florida. I'm not an icthyologist, but I always thought piranha were fresh water fish--which means they'd hit Texas long before Florida...

Why let goofy things like reality and science get in the way of man-vs.-piranha action, though. It's way more fun to watch Tiffany over-emote in every scene, Williams look serious and pensive, and Paul Logan bicycle-kick the living crap out of some giant carnivorous fish. This trailer may very well change your life.

If you happen to miss Mega Piranha when it premieres on SyFy this weekend, fear not--the uncut version will be available on DVD this April 27th.

Jump past the break to view the full glory of Mega Piranha. You can thank me for helping you live the greatest 1:20 of your life in the comment section below.
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