You may have heard this week that the Arrested Developmentmovie is dead -- as canceled as the TV show was four years ago. But is it? Maybe I'm just trying to keep the hope alive, grasping at what little chance is left, but I don't think there's any definition to David Cross' claims that the film is not happening. Let's go back to the original interview at our sister site TV Squad for the truth. What Cross says is his opinion: "It's not official, but I just don't think it's going to happen."

Is it likely that the Bluths (and Fünkes) will never reunite on the big screen? Yes. Is it certain? No. In fact, this presumption that the film is dead is hardly different from the hype that the film was alive in the first place (begun at Juno junkets, I believe). And I tell you now, mark my words, this isn't the last time the interweb will be filled with excitement or disappointment about another status update from another cast member.
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