Konami's first Saw videogame came out in October of last year to very mixed reviews -- sort of like the films that inspired it. Since I still haven't played the title (damn you, Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death!)I can't definitively say if the criticisms of the game were well founded or not -- but I can tell you that it earned a 55 on aggregate site Metacritic and the common complaints were that Saw managed to recreate the grimy atmosphere of the films, but lacked compelling gameplay. That's usually a recipe for mediocrity.

However, just like the film series, Saw isn't letting a few snarky critics keep it down. Joystiq has shared a video clip for the sequel, imaginatively titled Saw II. My first reaction to the new trailer is that it looks an awful lot like the old game. That makes sense, given that the developers are running with a short production cycle and most likely recycling as many assets as they can from the original.

The video doesn't give us any insight about what to expect from the gameplay. Instead, it's content to play up the gruesome choice aspects of the films with the typically gory results. What we do know is that game will take place between the first two entries of the film series and that it's due out this Halloween -- just in time to create cross media synergy with Saw VII!

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