On April 8, 1990, David Lynch managed to infiltrate the living rooms of innocent TV viewers with Twin Peaks. Even though it was only on for two seasons, the show earned an obsessively dedicated audience and critical acclaim for its story about a murdered homecoming queen and the surreal, seedy underbelly of an otherwise normal-looking town.

Since then, Lynch has continued to create unforgettable, and occasionally unfathomable, twisty turny movies for our enjoyment, as well as coffee, daily weather reports on his website, a self-help book on transcendental meditation and creativity, and a production company, Absurda, which is behind the fascinating Interview Project.

We never know what's up Lynch's sleeve, but according to NBC Miami,Mulholland Drive costar Laura Harring says there's a sequel in the works. As is appropriate for a Lynch leading lady, her statements are oblique and bizarre. "I'm very sure it's coming, it's being born... I cannot really tell you how I know."

O-kay. So it's not crystal clear whether or not she's talked to Lynch about this or if it's a message she received... somehow, but it's enough to dangle in front of fans to get our hopes up. The drama about amnesia, identity, and wanna-be starlets was originally cooked up by Lynch as a TV pilot, although probably with far less sexytime between its stars, Harring and Naomi Watts. It was also named the best movie of the 2000's by several critical surveys, including IndieWIRE,Film Comment, and Time Out New York.

Would this be a traditional sequel that picks up where the first left off? (Not likely with Lynch.) How would it be related to the original? What the heck would it be about? Or is this just a pipe dream?

Thanks to Jason R. for the tip!
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