Welcome back to There's Always Room for Giallo. My how time flies when some black-gloved maniac has you chained to a wall in his basement. It's good to be home though, and to make up for my absence I've brought you all a Fenech-licious treat. If you need to get up to speed, check out my last review in the series over here, my Women in Horror contributions (here and here), or if you're new to the column -- get your ass to class with a little giallo 101. xoxo

Part giallo and part supernatural horror, Sergio Martino'sAll the Colors of the Dark boasts a gang of giallo greats including screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi (Torso), composer Bruno Nicolai (The Case of the Bloody Iris) and leading lady Edwige Fenech (The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh) all of who worked with the director on multiple projects. Martino shifts between dreams and reality -- disorienting the viewer and drawing them further into Jane's (Fenech) world, which recalls other players who dwell in these mysterious realms like David Lynch and Roman Polanski. In this way Colors was ahead of its time even though the director admits in a DVD extra that Italian audiences found it frustrating. Martino's film certainly takes a cue from Rosemary's Baby in the way he weaves a web of mystery around horrific events that are set off by dreamy but disturbing imagery.
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