I started this post as a Scenes We Love and with good reason -- David Lynch's Mulholland Drive is not lacking when it comes to compelling plot twists and stunning visuals. Naomi Watts delivered an amazing performance as Betty Elms, the aw shucks America's sweetheart who comes to Hollywood with high hopes and her alter (real?) ego, Diane Selwyn -- the failed actress who becomes lost in her own nightmares while trying to make a life for herself in the city of dreams. All this, combined with a bazillion other bits of florid praise I could heap upon the film, almost made it impossible to choose just one scene in particular. While I've had this internal struggle before when writing for the Scenes We Love column, it got me thinking about some of the less talked about moments in the film, which are downright hilarious.

So silencio, dear readers. I'm going to ask you to shelve the thousand and one interpretations of Lynch's tale about the mythic city upon which America has invented itself and invite you to check out three scenes in the film that added a little levity to an intensely dark story. Given that this is Lynch, even the funny is filled with touches of tragedy, but that's why we love him after all. Hit the jump for more.