"So while it may seem a strange concept for some readers, there is often a parallel between experiences with the numinous, the transcendent, and the divine, and experiences with the realms of horror, and also science fiction, and fantasy." - John Morehead, "Theofantastique"

The inextricable link between the fantastic - horror, science fiction, and fantasy - and religion is one not often discussed within the realm of pop culture. While any connection between religion and the fantastic in entertainment is touched upon, it lacks the level of depth necessary to give the reader or viewer the greatest possible understanding of the connection between the two. Enter John Morehead and Theofantastique, a "meeting place for myth, imagination, and mystery in pop culture."

John's goal is, ostensibly, to bring a greater understanding of the "social, cultural, and religious aspects of of the fantastic," while simultaneously introducing to the reader the academic literature that deals with the fantastic. Although certainly esoteric in nature, he brings a special kind of accessibility to his work, capable of drawing the interest of both the informed academic and the ignorant layman. The appeal thus lies not just in his ability to weave the fantastic with the academic, but in his ability to do it in an entertaining, engaging, and most of all informative manner. Perhaps it's the recovering academic in me talking, but a bibliography and recommended reading accompanying an article decrying the modern Christian interpretation and bastardization of vampires is like Christmas to me.
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