A few days ago I presented a brilliantly insightful piece of cinematic wisdom called Five Flicks to Avoid Before Dental Work. And apparently that piece got lots of clicks, and so in way of thanks, I offer another installment. (Which is precisely how all sequels get made.) This one will (obviously) focus on the films you should stay away from if you're a day or two from air travel. I don't care how confident a flier you may be; you just don't need to see this stuff the night before you board an airplane.

1. Final Destination -- Speaking of movies I've seen less than twelve hours before flying to visit my father in Florida, hey here's one: a horror thriller that opens with (and hinges entirely upon) an elaborate and horrific airplane explosion. (And yes, I was fixated on the flick's plane crash the entire next day. Not fun.) As far as the sequels go, avoid Part 2 before any long highway trips, stay away from Part 3 if you're headed to an amusement park, and pass on Part 4 if your plans include a Nascar race. (Matter of fact, pass on Part 4, period.)

2. Alive -- Most people remember Frank Marshall's fact-based survival tale because, well, it's a movie about people (literally) eating people. That kind of thing sort of overwhelms a movie. But to this day, the Act I plane crash found in this film remains one of the most convincing, tragic, and disturbing I've ever seen. (And, fine, it's nifty as hell from a special effects and editing standpoint.)
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