Actor Charles Bronson and Cape Fear director J. Lee Thompson collaborated on numerous films over the years, and while it seems unlikely that anyone would cite 1983's 10 to Midnight as the best work the duo ever did, it does have the distinction of becoming one of my personal favorites. (So there.) A bizarre mixture of police procedural and slasher flick, this seedy little movie typifies Cannon Films' output in the '80s -- low budget and exploitative, but still competently made and entertaining.

This time out Bronson plays grizzled Lieutenant Leo Kessler, who teams up with Detective Paul McAnn (Andrew Stevens) to hunt down a sexual psychopath who's been slashing local women. The cops know their perp is Warren Stacy (Gene Davis), but Stacy is smart enough to have an alibi and kill his victims while naked so as not to leave any evidence behind. In his all-consuming quest to get his man, Kessler winds up making one major mistake and it could cost him dearly.
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