Weight is a dirty, six-letter word in Hollywood. We all know it, whether we're basking in the rays alongside hot celebs in Los Angeles, or getting our fix through online blogs and the gossip rags that litter grocery store checkouts. Skin folds are flab and fetuses, cellulite is more deadly than disease, and if you can't drop the "extra" weight on your own, there are photo manipulators who will happily do it for you. I could spend at least five thousand words just detailing the fat/thin debates that have raged on in the media world over the last few years. It's been going on forever, and really, it's nothing new.

But there is a new dynamic of extremes circling in Hollywood these days. First, there's a new definition of what's thin, or egads "normal," and on the flip side, what constitutes fat. Bony isn't just for actresses -- it's become the new "real" ideal. However, there's also the appearance of Oscar-nominated talent like Gabourey Sidibe, who has sent Hollywood into a tornado of weighty arguments.
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