After Spider-Man and Iron Man successfully blurred the line between a CG superhero and an actor in a suit, does the news that Ryan Reynolds will be going costume-less in Green Lantern shock anyone? The word from /film is that Ryan Reynolds will not be wearing the Green Lantern duds in Martin Campbell's live-action comic book flick. What he will be wearing is a mo-cap tracking suit, with something faithful to the DC comic books to be added later.

For those unfamiliar with the comics, the Green Lanterns (yes, there are more than one) generate their uniforms from the energy within their power rings. I'm guessing the idea here, from costume designer Ngila Dickson, is to create something that looks alive with energy. I'd wondered if they were going to incorporate the way artist Ethan Van Sciver draws Green Lantern's logo -- it hovers, crackling with green flame, about four inches from the front of his chest. That looks like an inevitability now, and, honestly, it would really stand out in 3-D.

I'm sure you'll hear some of the die-hard fans moan. They'd rather see Reynolds in a rubberized muscle suit, but, like I said before, this is really nothing new. Do you honestly believe that when Iron Man is flying around in the sky, that it's Robert Downey Jr. in the costume? Do you think Tobey Maguire was actually swinging from building to building in Spider-Man? The news that Ryan Reynolds' body will be heavily computer-generated seems like a given at this point. I just want to see the final result.
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