I've been really impressed with the way Paramount has handled the Iron Man 2 marketing campaign so far. They're not giving away too much, focusing on one big set piece (the Monaco raceway scene) -- along with a couple other fun scenes (ie: Stark jumping out of a plane as Iron Man) -- and that's about it. We may get a little bit more with each trailer and image, but it's all part of the same restricted amount of footage. I wish all big blockbusters were marketed this way, and hopefully Iron Man 2 makes enough money that it will set a precedent for the way studios market their big films.

That said, Paramount still needs to hammer this film down our throats, no matter how much (or little) they show us from the actual movie. Their latest viral attempt is through this interactive trailer that allows you to find out more about the film and its characters while watching. It saves little nuggets of info -- like more on Pepper Potts and Whiplash's outfit -- then allows you to check out a sort of behind-the-scenes look.

Geek out with this thing after the jump. Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7th.
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