If you're a fan of He-Man and/or the Masters of the Universe, it's been a tough couple of years for you. Latino Review adored Justin Marks' script for a possible live-action remake, Greyskull, but the studio didn't. Warner Bros brought on Evan Daugherty to do a rewrite before dumping the project altogether and allowing Sony to buy the rights to Mattel's action figure. Sony now has He-Man the concept, but the scripts and the project's latest director, John Stevenson, belonged to Warner Bros.

So Sony had to start from scratch and commission a new script. According to THR's Heat Vision, they have hired Mike Finch and Alex Litvak to pen Masters of the Universe. You may recognize their names from Nimrod Antal and Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Predators remake / revisit. As with Marks and Daugherty, Finch and Litvak have become hot commodities in Hollywood since seeing Predators rush into production. Nothing is known about their take except that Mattel has approved it, and they tried "to balance a treatment that would convince the studio it was cinematic and keep the toy company satisfied that its characters were being portrayed appropriately." Perhaps therein lies the clues as to why the Warner Bros production fell apart.

So will Finch and Litvak succeed where so many have failed? Will Sony favor a more kid-friendly version of Eternia to keep Mattel happy? Is that what Mattel even wanted? Will any of the "gritty fantasy" that made Greyskull so popular with scoop-and-script hunters remain? I don't know, but we'll bring you all the gory details of the back-and-forth as they are strewn before us. (That's me getting into the spirit of Eternia.)
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