Fans of Garth Ennis' Preacher have seen movie adaptations come and go over the years. Actors have signed, directors have signed, and it all falls apart just as we're starting to get used to that guy as Jesse Custer. It appears to have happened again. Just as the geek world was pondering what Sam Mendes may do with the project, he's abandoned it for James Bond.

Collider spoke to producer Neal Moritz, who reports that Mendes left Preacher, though you might remember he was never officially on until a script was delivered. John August had that weighty task, and Moritz says he's delivered a great adaptation. " We've got a great script. John August wrote a script that I think is terrific. The hardest thing was with all the books - the Preacher books - was how to distill it down. And what he made the smart decision instead of trying to cram everything into one, there's plenty of room for two or three movies. So that's what he's done and he's done a really faithful adaption but made it probably more accessible to a broader audience right now. That movie's definitely R-rated and it's an amazing central character." Mr. August has thrown his name into the directorial ring, although it seems they are currently talking to "big" names.

An ongoing series is wonderful, but the appeal to a "broader audience" worries me. There's only so much blood, guts, and blasphemy Preacher can lose before it becomes a preacher with a superpower. The story doesn't need to be made popular; it already is. I've recommended Preacher to a variety of people over the years, and they've all loved it and recommended it to their friends, and so on. None of us need a movie, but I can't help but wish for it to still happen. After so many trial runs, I won't hold my breath; I'll just read the trades again.
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