These days, if you imagine James Cameron tackling Spider-Man on the big screen, you might make any number of assumptions -- not-possible-in-real-life action where the baddie is practically indestructable, super-shnazzy effects, and of course -- some super-sappy romance. But would you believe that Cameron's idea of Peter Parker is also quite randy? Late last year, Rebecca Keegan's The Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron was released to coincide with Avatar. In it, she wrote about the famous filmmaker's early-'90s take on the webbed wonder, which included Electro morphing into a dude called Carlton Strand, and Peter and MJ having sex on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Now there's a script-ment online, said to be Cameron's own. It's sort of like a half script, half treatment -- a 10-pager that gives you a pretty clear understanding of all the main beats in the film. Whether you believe it or not, the sucker is a good and surprising read (complete with script snippets and storyboards). Personally, I'm not sure what I like better -- the strong-jawed, looks-to-be-30 storyboarded Peter popping a pimple, or that saucy sex scene on the bridge. Where Raimi opted for a little right-side-up/upside-down lip-locking, this script makes Spidey one hell of a seductive hero. Spider-Man swings his love up to a web at the top of the bridge, and as she looks at "a perfectly formed male silhouette with a soothing low voice," he discusses the mating rituals of spiders and how they like a little light bondage when getting it on. He "shackles" her, and rather than just freeing his mouth, Spidey has MJ close her eyes as the mask comes off, Parker lifts her skirt, and "they make love, high above the world."

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