If you had to pick one Hollywood actress in desperate need of a role to re-establish a floundering career, odds are Lindsay Lohan would be at or very near the top of your list. Once upon a time, Lohan was a young actress who everyone had pegged for great things. In the past few years we've watched that promise evaporate and now Lohan's more known for turning up on celeb gossip sites than in films playing at your local multiplex.

If there's one director in Hollywood that can change all that, it's Quentin Tarantino. The filmmaker has always had a gift for taking down-on-their luck or seemingly past their prime actors and casting them in roles that put them back in the Hollywood spotlight. Travolta in Pulp Fiction. David Carradine in Kill Bill. Pam Grier in Jackie Brown. Each performer experienced a career renaissance after working with Tarantino. So, why not Lindsay Lohan?

The Guardian's Film Blog ponders the same thing in a recent post. According to reports, Lohan, who's currently working on Robert Rodriguez's Machete, has made such a positive impression on her co-workers that Tarantino has decided he wants to feature her in his next project. No word on what that might be or who Lohan might be playing, but the words "shocking" and "hardcore" were used to describe it. To be honest, Tarantino's going to really have to push himself to cast Lohan in a role more shocking than the one she's played for the last few years of her life. What can possibly top all the tales of boozing, paparazzi fights, family disputes aired in public and Samantha Ronson?

If this comes to pass and QT can resurrect Lohan's career, we might have to start calling the director Dr. Tarantino or God.