News continues to trickle in for Frank Darabont's TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead for AMC. After sharing the news that Jon Bernthal would be playing Shane and that KNB Effects would be handling all the practical makeup effects on the show's zombies, we kind of dropped the ball on the next big casting news. Last week it was known that British actor Andrew Lincoln would be playing American police officer Rick Grimes in the series. This went counter to Bloody-Disgusting's previous report that Jonny Lee Miller was the network's front runner for the leading role.

Well, to their credit, BD admits that their love of exclamation points did not pay off and that their source blew the call on that one, but that's not stopping them from tossing another new name into the mix. This time its Brandon Routh, star of the currently MIA Dylan Dog adaptation Dead of Night. The trouble is BD gives no mention as to who Routh will potentially be playing. And unless they are either making substantial alterations to character's backgrounds or inventing new ones, I can't imagine who Routh would be playing. I do like the actor though (I'm one of the few people who loved Superman Returns), so if they need to bend/create a role to make him fit, I'm all for it.

Filming on the pilot is just a hair over a month away, so expect even more Walking Dead casting news between now and then. After that it won't be too long before we get to see how it all came together; AMC will be debuting the first six episodes this October.
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