A relatively uneventful weekend at the box-office saw Tina Fey and Steve Carell's mistaken-identity comedy Date Night in a too-close-to-call battle for first place with Clash of the Titans, which had the expected big drop its second week out. Date Night is Fey's second attempt to open a film (or at least to contribute), and her pairing with Carell turned out to be stronger than her pairing with Amy Poehler for Baby Mama two years ago. The movie was never going to be an "event," and $27 million is perfectly respectable; along with Cheaper by the Dozen, it is director Shawn Levy's best outing outside the Night at the Museum franchise.

The weekend was the beginning of a relative lull that will last until May 7th, when Iron Man 2 kicks off the summer season. The only other movies to roll out were the Christian family film Letters to God, which ended up with a not-too-inspiring $1.3 million on 900 screens, and the C-grade horror flick The Black Waters of Echo's Pond, which flopped with $250,000 on 400 screens. Despite not getting much traction in its initial 80-screen release, The Runaways expanded to 200, which seems like a waste of money (the local multiplex showing The Runaways here in San Fran ramped it down to two show-times a day this weekend, which shows how much demand there was for an expansion).

Meanwhile, the good word-of-mouth appears to have caught up with How to Train Your Dragon, which dropped merely 12%, and for which $200 million is looking pretty certain.

UPDATE: Deadline claims Date Night's estimates were a little off, giving them about $25.5 million for the weekend, which means Titans (and its $27 million) is the clear winner.

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