The brilliant and entirely unique Werner Herzog seems to be everywhere these days. Thanks to YouTube, Twitter, movie sites, and blogs, he's enjoying the kind of pop culture status that you couldn't have predicted back in the cultish days of Aguirre, The Wrath of Godand Klaus Kinski. When Roger Ebert is tweeting battles pitting Werner Herzog against Chuck Norris, you know he's reached a new level of viral fame.

But what might he be working on now? The Herzog Versus Norris battle didn't reveal it, but Roger Ebert's blog did. Herzog, of all people, is embracing 3D technology to make a documentary about prehistoric paintings in the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc. This is an astonishing, haunting discovery that was just made in 1994 in France, and almost no one has seen what the explorers have found there. They've been fanatic about preserving it, and rightfully so. (Many prehistoric finds are being eaten away by tourists, such as the famous paintings of Lascaux.) But Herzog has, in his own words, talked his way in and has been allowed to film the paintings for a few hours at a stretch.

Ebert's blog has video of Herzog talking about the project in his hypnotic and passionate way, and I've embedded it below. It's not worth trying to describe what he's seen there when he can do it so much better. His thoughts on 3D are both coolly analytical and critical, and sums up what many of you have probably felt watching a 3D film. Yet he's not going to disdain the technology, and his employment for this documentary sounds nothing short of incredible.

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