Summit Entertainment's world of young adult cinematic intrigue is starting to move beyond the vampires, werewolves, and creatures that go bump in the night. After grabbing Puzzle Palace, which pits kids against crooked cops, The Hollywood Reporter posts that the studio is in negotiations to buy the rights to Homelanders, a young-adult series by Andrew Klavan.

Klavan's name isn't new in Hollywood -- he's the pen behind Clint Eastwood's True Crime, as well the Brittany Murphy/Michael Douglas thriller Don't Say a Word. This time around, his work focuses on a high school kid named Charlie. A good student and karate enthusiast, Charlie wakes up one day tied to a chair, sitting next to a collection of bloody torture instruments. The last thing he remembers was a typical day at school, but actually, a year has passed. Once he escapes, Charlie embarks on a patriotism-fueled quest to uncover what happened as he's hunted by terrorists and authorities.

There seems to be no supernatural elements in sight, which should please the Twi-nots, but is there any chance, whatsoever, that Summit will pick someone other than Taylor Lautner for this gig? His casting seems inevitable at this point, between the karate twist and the whole idea of a kid facing off against highly trained, adult professionals.

Are you ready for The Bourne Identity meets Disturbia?
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