Don't thank me for this week's super scatological Cinematical Seven -- thank Tracy Morgan, who suffers through the latest in a rich Hollywood heritage of increasingly icky cinematic poop jokes in Neil LaBute's memorial-gone-wrong comedy, Death at a Funeral. (Warning: this post is not for the faint-hearted or the squeamish. Enjoy!)

In Death at a Funeral, Chris Rock stars as the put-upon eldest son of a family in mourning whose patriarch's death brings friends and relatives together in memoriam over the course of one crazy day. Tracy Morgan co-stars as Norman, a family friend stuck with the task of assisting the crotchety old Uncle Russell (Danny Glover), which includes a certain over-the-top scene set in the bathroom. If you've seen the original British film (of which this is a pretty close scene-by-scene remake), you already know what's coming. And yes, you should be scared. Very scared.

I have a problem when the poop escapes the privacy of the restroom. Or, more specifically, when it leaves the safely contained confines of the porcelain throne. That "candy in the diaper" game people play at baby showers? Just about the most perverse thing a group of grown-ups could do. Certain things should never escape their home; poop is at the top of that list. So I truly feel for Mr. Morgan, whose relatively restrained, funny turn in Death at a Funeral is now forever overshadowed by the brown oatmeal-like chunks that cling to his chin for the better part of the film.

But lest I be mistaken for someone who is patently opposed to the poop joke (in truth, I can appreciate them when done right), here are seven of my personal favorite movie poop jokes of all time.