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Ever since it premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Cyrus has been gaining a tremendous amount of momentum. Not only was it the darling of Park City, but it brought the house down at SXSW last month and is now poised to drop a whole lotta funny right smack in the middle of your summer. You've seen the trailer, read (and watched) our interviews, and watched video of writer-directors Jay and Mark Duplass gettin' their festival groove on in Austin. Now, then, it's time for Cinematical to debut this exclusive poster for a film we whole-heartedly recommend you check out when it finally hits theaters on July 9th.

Cyrus stars John C. Reilly as a recently divorced dude who's a little down in the dumps and afraid he'll never meet the right girl. That all changes, however, after he bumps into Marisa Tomei at a party, and the two hit it off splendidly. Finally, he's met the perfect girl! She's nice, sweet and affectionate ... but, see, she has this kid (played by Jonah Hill). And let's just say this kid kinda gets in the way of everything. Equal parts funny, sadistic and heartwarming, it'll be hard to top Cyrus as far as summer comedies go. The Duplass Bros. have brought something unique and inspiring to the genre, and they should only get better from here.

Check out the full poster by clicking the image below, and more on the film over at its official site.