Freddy Krueger is no stranger to enduring vigilante justice at the hands of angry parents, so his latest run in with a Los Angeles mother should feel quite familiar to the slasher icon. In about 1 ... 2 ... weeks, A Nightmare on Elm Streetwill be hitting theaters (April 30), but a nursery school in Silver Lake, California has been having to contend with the larger than life monster and his wicked set of finger knives for some time now.

The giant billboard that looms over Lyric Preschool on Hyperion Avenue has been featuring inappropriate ads for some now, according to Chrystal Gyger, whose two-year-old daughter went berserk after spotting the gigantic fiend hanging out over her school. CBS Outdoor placed the ad there in anticipation of the Freddy's new film, but prior to that the billboard has been host to other dastardly ads featuring busty and boozy women. In other news, there has been an influx of fathers taking their children to the Lyric Preschool. Attendance has increased.

Gyger did voice her complaints to the company who issued an apology and replaced Freddy with something a little less heinous -- giant sneakers.

[thanks to The Eastsider LA]
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