When High School Musical helmer Kenny Ortega bailed on Paramount's Footloose remake back in October, Elisabeth mentioned that it was a matter of creative differences: Ortega reportedly wanted to do a big flashy musical, whereas the studio would rather keep it a small drama with and about dancing and rock, just as the 1984 original had been.

By now, Paramount's pulled the remake from their summer slate, but according to Variety, they're still going full steam ahead with it, without lead Chace Crawford (who had replaced Zac Efron and has to get back to "Gossip Girl" duties) and with Craig Brewer in the director's seat.

Brewer has proven himself before with two music-inclined small-town dramas (Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan), and I'm now significantly more interested in how this remake will turn out. Don't get me wrong, Ortega could and would turn out something perfectly polished, but Brewer's version is far more likely to have some edge and personality.

And more power to Paramount for holding out and making the movie they want instead of rushing to meet a release date and essentially compromising their product. They're like Kevin Bacon, see, and Kenny Ortega is John Lithgow...
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