Kevin Smith has been remarkably vague about any details concerning Red State, his proposed horror film. That's actually pretty impressive considering he's been talking about the on-again-off-again project for several years. Now, thanks to Film School Rejects we have a tiny bit of an idea of what kind of horror movie the director of Clerks, Mallrats, and, of course, Cop Out would deliver: From FSR:

"It's very reminiscent of Race with the Devil," Smith explained, citing a rather crazy B-movie from 1975. "That's such a favorite movie of mine. When I was a kid it was just such a terrifying notion. It's where you're on vacation and you just happen to see some mother f*ckers sacrificing a virgin, they kill your dog, and the chase you in your winnebago. There's nothing more horrifying than that! You can keep your f*cking thirty-foot shark, that's terrifying! It's certainly not that, but it's very much in that spirit of people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead of going with devil worship we're going the other direction. It deals with intense religious worship. It's religious fundamentalism."

Okay, so, it's kind of what we've been inferring all along from the title alone (Red States aren't exactly known for their loose and liberal ways, after all), but at least now we have a benchmark to compare it to. Which reminds me...whatever happened to the proposed remake of Race With the Devil? I remembered Chris Moore (Kill Theory) was attached to direct, but I had either forgotten or never known that Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan (Cigarette Burns, Pro-Life) were the ones writing the script. But I digress...

Head over to FSR for a few more choice words from Smith regarding Red State, including talk of what kind of fundamentalism he's actually planning on scaring people with.
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