Need another piece of evidence that Ms. Lindsay Lohan is considered marketing poison nowadays? OK, here's one: Turns out that the new Nintendo DS game that's based on the film Mean Girls -- has cropped Lindsay off of the cover art. Still in attendance are Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams, and Lacey Chabert, but even though the game focuses on Lindsay's central character ... her likeness is nowhere to be found.

Could this be because 505 Games is hoping this game will appeal to young girls? And that young girls generally have to get $20 items pre-approved by their parents? And that parents (even fathers) are justifiably hesitant to buy their children ANYthing with the name or face of Lindsay Lohan on it? Could that be why? Or could it be as simple as "We'd have to pay her to re-use the likeness, and we don't feel like it."

I have no idea. I'm still pulling for Lohan to pull some sort of comeback together. Her video flick from last year (Labor Pains) seems to be the subject of much derision -- but it looks like she'll soon be popping up in Robert Rodriguez's Machete (along with a whole lot of other folks), and that's something I'm quite curious to see. (Oh, and if the DS game is anything like this one, it's just a basic "match-three" game, and not something Lindsay should be all that bummed out about.)

(Hat tip to PopEater.)