MTV may want to consider changing their name to HTV if this new trend of dabbling in the world of horror cinema continues. The channel, once famous for helping make the concept of the music video an indelible part of our culture, has spent a lot of time in the course of the past year or so working horror movies into their line-up.

Things started simply enough, with the channel showing edited for content versions of theatrical releases. Then last October, they got into the production end of the business with their My Super Psycho Sweet 16--a slasher flick based around one of their reality programs. Apparently the results of that experiment have convinced them to create more original horror content, because THR is reporting that actor Reid Ewing (who apparently has a role on some show called Modern Family...) has signed on to play the lead in their upcoming film The Truth Below.

The project is being billed as a teen survival horror film and bears at least a passing resemblance to Adam Green's recent hit, Frozen. Plot details are scarce, but it seems as though the film will be about a group of teens fighting for survival after being trapped in an avalanche. One can only hope this turns into a teen version of Alive and they're forced to eat each other to survive. I'd watch that.

Filming on the project is set to begin this week.
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