After watching ten or fifteen exchanges in a row where P. Diddy berates Jonah Hill for being a killjoy while a drunk Russell Brand bemusedly looks on, one might think that the spontaneity and seeming perfect timing of silver screen comedy would be ruined, at least for the folks looking on from the edges of the set. And yet, thanks in no small part to director Nick Stoller, the jokes somehow still manage to be funny, and all three keep their energy and enthusiasm as he suggests they try multiple variations and combinations to maximize the humor.

In June of 2009. Cinematical visited the set of Get Him To The Greek, Nick Stoller's follow-up to the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Fans of that film will be forgiven for assuming that both Hill and Brand reprise their roles: in fact, Hill plays a thus-far entirely unrelated character named Aaron Green, a record-label lackey enlisted by Diddy's character to keep Russell in line as the pair makes their way to a concert performance. Stoller, who wrote this film after directing Sarah Marshall, talked about the process of (selectively) resuscitating the characters and their world, discussed his own efforts to condense countless improvisations into something cohesive, and addressed concerns that his globe-trotting comedy might reflect a few others – if not Sarah Marshall, then '09's The Hangover, at least.