Steven Seagal, '80s action icon, is still keepin' it classy after all these years. MSNBC reports that the actor has been accused of hiring women to act as his sex slaves, serving "his strange and sometimes violent sexual desires." 23-year-old Kayden Nguyen has filed a civil lawsuit against Steven Seagal, stating that she was hired by the actor after she applied for an executive assistant job ad on Craigslist.

Upon getting the gig, Ms. Nguyen states that she was sent to New Orleans, where he was filming the show Steven Seagal Lawman, and soon discovered that he "had been keeping two young female Russian 'attendants' who were essentially on-call for sex -- 24-seven." But the sex play wasn't relegated to the Russian women alone. Nguyen claims that he treated her as a "sex toy," assaulted her a number of times, tried to keep her from seeing her family, and when she did escape, refused to give her back her belongings unless she signed a statement of silence. As if having sex slaves wasn't enough, she also claims that Seagal has an unspecified "unique physiological reaction" when aroused.

While the news itself certainly raises questions and commentary about secret sicko lifestyles, there's a bigger question looming: Why is Nguyen filing a civil lawsuit, and not a criminal complaint? Why she chose this route is not clear, and her lawyers have yet to issue a comment about her choice. Maybe she's just waiting for Seagal to arrest himself for his TV show? That would pull in killer ratings.
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