Back To The Future IIis one of the earliest films I remember seeing theatrically. I was endlessly fascinated with the way the movie replayed key scenes fromBack To The Future from slightly different perspectives, and convinced my parents to take me to the theater to see it several times.

But as much as I loved Back To The Future II, I actually have much more vivid memories of saving up to purchase two pairs of Back To The Future II"Solar Shades" from Pizza Hut. After much internal debate, I ended up buying the two glasses shown on the right side of the image above. And yes, I had to "save up" to get $4. I had a very small allowance.

To my young mind, there wasn't much cooler than "futuristic" glasses based on one of my favorite films. I didn't even mind the fact that they came with lame cloth safety cords. I'm pretty sure I ended up wearing those glasses for the better part of a year, and specifically remember the feeling of tubularness that came over me whenever I donned them.

Sadly, like most things that I loved intensely for a short period of time, I eventually lost interest in my Solar Shades. I know I never threw them away (I was a pack rat even at that age), so they may be boxed away somewhere in my parents' house, just waiting to be rediscovered. But for now, maybe I should do some eBay trolling...

I've included a trailer featuring the Back To The Future IISolar Shades after the jump. If you ever owed a pair of these things (or even remember the promotion), let me know in the comments.
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