If you're hot for Hammer then news about Synapse Films acquiring the rights to four titles from the British film studio's classic library will make you squeal. The company plans on issuing the DVDs later this year and we may be seeing Blu-ray transfers soon.

Fangoria had the scoop that the company has picked up John Hough's Twins of Evil, Robert Young's Vampire Circus, Peter Sasdy's Hands of the Ripperand all 13 episodes of the classic TV series Hammer House of Horror. All four transfers are in high-def, which is super important in order to inspect the gauzy feminine wiles of Hammer vixens closely. Synapse's Don May Jr. revealed the extras on the discs will include theatrical trailers, TV spots and interviews with some of the writers/directors as well as The Howling director, Joe Dante, who is a huge Hammer fan. May also stated to Fango that the features may be issued on Blu-ray as well, which is great news since many of the titles lack a high quality transfer.
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